Detail of the artwork "PALEO I" by Paula del Rivero - Relief print (linocut) and Chine-collé - Grey and Gold - Contemporary Abstract Art

Hi guys, I just came back from 21 days in New York. It was my first time, and it was not gentle. But boy, was it exhilarating! For those of you who have already been in that city, especially if you live there, you’ll agree with me on how vibrant and alive NYC is. If you haven’t got your ass over there yet, do it NOW, your life will be transformed in a there’s-no-coming-back way. I can tell. But that’s another story.

The things is, I now carry inside all this renewed energy, and in order to avoid implosion, which would be gross and a total mess, I have decided to start sharing snapshots of my boldness with the world . That is: you.

In this occasion, I want to honor one of my favorite colors. Yes, one among a long list of favorite colors, because, as an artist, it’s hard to just pick one.

That color is gray.

Yes, gray. I know, it sounds disappointing. Gray has a bad reputation.

When people think of gray, they usually describe it as boring, uninspiring and dull.

Gray days makes us feel miserable, gray areas are undefined, meaningless and unseen, all cats are gray in the dark and you freak out when you spot a gray hair in your head, cuz you’re getting old, your skin is loosing its light, it gets dry, and your skin tone goes gray. And then you’re depressed, so your face gets dull, and worn, as from grief and fatigue. Your face is gray. Gray. Gray.

Enough!!! I’m here to pledge for gray and clean its name.

Gray is awesome. And it’s so on vogue.

It’s as elegant as black, but not so harsh. It’s deeper than white. Want to turn any of your uninteresting pics into classy, edgy, deep, meaningful shots? Make them B&W! This trick may sound cheap. Photographers of the world, please don’t hate me. My point is: what makes the difference? More than fifty shades of gray. Pun intended.

Gray is so fashionable these days. Everyone raves about it. It matches almost every color because it’s a neutral shade, so it goes great with subtle colors, giving them some extra depth, and it’s a great companion for vibrant hues too, making bold tones pop rather than shout. That makes it perfect for home decor and other interior design projects.

And by vibrant hues I mean especially neon colors. Let’s say you are digging one of the latest fashion trends and you just bought a brand new neon clutch but you have no idea how to combine it? Go for a gray dress.

You can never go wrong with gray. Go tell your stylist and your interior designer. It definitely is an established new trend in home decor and fashion. Gray is the new white.

Now I’ll tell you a little secret:

In my experience, gray has a big plus. It can be embodied by silver, stainless steel or brushed metal, which will instantly give your style an industrial, sleek, minimalist touch for a more modern look, whether you’re using it in your home or in your clothing accessories.

So tell me, do you like gray any more now? What were your original thoughts on gray before reading this blog post? Leave me a comment below and send me pics of gray through Instagram by hashtaging them with #grayhunt and mentioning me @pauladelrivero. Open your eyes and start noticing how present that color is in daily life, you’ll be amazed.

And if you’d like to chime in, there’s an interesting conversation on this subject going on on Facebook, including pics! Come on in, don’t be shy. See you there.



  1. Barbara

    Funnily enough, Paula, I just bought myself a dress in grey (English spelling :) )… which is a colour I’ve never before chosen. You’re right. Grey is cool, and accepts other colours with open arms. Huge hug and a cheer for GREY!

    • Paula del Rivero

      Oh Barbara now you just need a yellow neon clutch!!! :) Pic pic pic!! I’m sure you look stunning in your grey dress! <3

  2. Caitlin

    I LOVE GRAY!!! Has long been one of my favorite colors. My eyes are a deep blue gray, I have always loved storms and gray moody seas. More recently, having moved to NYC, I have learned to love the sleek steely grays in all their countless hues. Your post got me inspired to get into gray even more. On the #grayhunt

    • Paula del Rivero

      #holygray ;) Yes woman!!!! Go #grayhunt with you gray blue eyes on the gray concrete streets you were born to conquer! Oh storm gray light, oh gray seas! #orgraysm Power to the #gray <3

  3. Lauren

    Paula, I love the color grey for interior decoration. I have grey couches, grey walls, grey countertops, I love decorating with grey! We have lots of wood in our home so the color grey adds a coolness to the warmth, it is so beautiful together! #grayhunt

    • Paula del Rivero

      Oh yess, Lauren gray+wood = #grayporn <3 Excellent choice! Pics pics pics on Instagram please, let's change the way people think of gray with our #grayhunt

    • Paula del Rivero

      Oh can you guess what came to my mind while thinking of you? Gray horses, of course. Now, your #grayhunt turn woman, those gray horses want to be seen!


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