Working on a new piece of the PALEO series.

Let me talk about art and perfectionism.

I’ve been working on this commission for several months and the creation process is about to finish.

The plate is ready to be printed, the ink is finally set after many attempts at getting the right kind of mustard yellow I was looking for, and I have just decided on the – very special – paper for the chine-collé that goes perfectly well with the whole composition.

See, achieving a “rounded” piece involves a lot of behind-the-scenes work. Many studio proofs, lots of trial-and-error, and countless wasted (?) materials until I finally get to that sweet spot where I feel ‘this is it’. I think deciding when a work is done and needs no more retouching is the hardest thing for an artist.

But also in life.

How do you know when it’s time to stop? What tells you that your work is finished?

For me it’s that feeling of pride and completion. It’s really magical and hard to put into words.

Becoming an artist has helped me recover from being a perfectionist in my life. Even if I take a lot of pride in addressing my work with rigor and detail, I’m grateful for this evolution because it has changed the whole story, and it feels liberating.

I’ve come to learn that perfectionism is nothing but resistance.

What about you? How do you prevent being caught in the sticky webs of idyllic perfection?


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