The GYNĒ series are one-of-a-kind original LED backlit artworks.

They talk about the genesis, going back to the beginning of creation.

In the conception of this series, the focus has been put on the representation of the aliveness and shapeshifting properties of the female bodies, ever evolving, adjusting, and transforming over time.

Embodying the essence of women as sensual creators, deeply atuned to the rhythms of life, these pieces seek to explore the dynamic depths, subtle movements, and color dances of the natural creation processes.

They talk about sacredness, mystery, and unexplored dimensions, symbolizing the intricacy that is palpable in the mesmerizing evolution of natural forms, quite often seemingly imperceptible but oh so penetrating.

It’s the primitive call of the feminine, always overflowing in its layering and inviting us to the root. They represent a travel through time and space to find out the essence of the journey, the blooming of form, where it all originated and where the light begun.

(Click on the images for more detailed information on each artwork and enlarged additional photos.)


If you'd like to know the availability and price of one of my works, please ask! Or if you'd like to have a custom one-of-a-kind piece created just for you, share your vision with me - no strings attached. You can also book a complimentary online studio tour for a closer look at my work and creative process. I've done it before with my private collectors and it's a very enriching experience on both ends.

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