Creativity likes to be invoked. She’s a goddess.

She’s born to be seduced. To be called upon with purpose and meaning only. With infinite passion and focus. With devotion.

She’s only there for the eager makers, so stop trying.

Her skin is coppery, and her breath is a blend of roasted cacao, cinnamon, and bergamot. With a touch of cayenne. She has these fiery eyes that pierce right through your heart, to the core of your soul.

When she comes in soft, her presence feels like white beach sand under your feet and she leaves behind a scent of wet earth on a stormy summer day.

And if she comes in strong, beware my friend, it’ll smell like war.

She can bury you under a mountain of blossomed jasmines in your sleep or she can keep you up at night, feeling cold, sweaty and naked for days.

Invoking her is ritual.

You have to come open hearted. Drop your masks and abandon your armor. She likes it raw, and she’ll want nothing else but your bittersweet Truth.

You might call her name in many languages. She’s testing your song. She wants to know you really want her. Yell. Until she can feel you calling her inside your skin, right between your sweat and your bones. Then she’ll live there. For as long as you stay passionate and meaningful.

It’s not a steady motion. It’s a definite movement.

You don’t cultivate creativity. You’re a flower in her garden, and she’ll harvest the heck out of you if you’re brave enough to become fertile soil.



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