Abstract I
Relief print

I’m getting everything ready for my first solo show happening in a week and I just decided I’m going to include this work in the exhibition.
It’s one of my first large format linocuts and the only work by me I’ve hung at home. It was one of my mum’s favourites and she insisted forever to have it on her wall, but I was always too busy to have it framed.
So she waited.
Until one day, she wasn’t here anymore.
Big lesson there…
A few months after her death I finally dared to honor her request and give this piece its rightful place. Now her presence is right there with me, living through the work she so clearly envisioned as a statement piece.
At that time I was too busy shaping a budding career to stop and recognize the potential of my work.
It’s so important for an artist – for everyone – to stop and take a moment to honor the value of what we put out into the world.
Our efforts are so precious. What we create is so fragile and delicate. Even when it’s bold and daring.
Only after appreciating, can we move in integrity to the next thing.
So thank you mum, for having seen what I often have a hard time seeing for myself, the sparkle that hides behind the challenge. The struggle can feel insurmountable at times.
Thank you also for always whispering me my next creative move, even from afar.
And only now I realize I am installing my show exactly the day she died two years ago.
I couldn’t have planned this.
Setting one of the most crucial milestones in my career – one of many, I declare – on a crucial date, at a crucial place, in the land of our del Rivero ancestors where I’ve chosen to grow roots…
These kind of realizations always have me flipping out over the beauty of what we co-create with Life.
The perfect timings, and all the other profound moves, dancing in perfect harmony, even within the pain of missing those we love so deeply.
This show is for you, Rosa. May you dance with me from the Kingdom of Joy.



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