Paula del Rivero - Contemporary abstract art - 'Heaven's Pond V'

Heaven’s Pond V
Watercolor on paper


Foreword: so far, a few good friends have ditched their phds. They felt heavy. Best decision ever. This is my ode to them.

— Also. If you’re a researcher, my words might rub you the wrong way. Stop reading immediately. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.—

Please 21st century, update yourself! Stop boring me with your research and studies. Show me your heart.

I want to hear its beat, its pulsation, its passionate hum.

The Information Era is dying. It’s time for ACTION!!!!

Researchers of the World, leave your thesis and doctorates. Stop gathering data behind your desks and go explore the world with the eyes of those who won’t care to analyze, to synthesize, to report.

I’m not saying research is not relevant, not at all. I’m, however, questionning the necessity of scrutinizing the world with such magnifying lenses that the bigger picture gets completely blurred and washed away.

I’ve always thought that research is for those of us who are too scared to go out into the world and start acting on our own rebellious ideas. So we hide behind our thesis and papers.

Many of us are scared of our own untapped potential and tremendous creative force, so we confine ourselves to our specific fields of research hoping to find some peace of mind in our studies, looking for meaning in a miniature world of deep observation and analysis.

I’m probably wrong, I’ve never been much of a researcher. I’m not very diplomatic either, as you can see. Making friends, as per usual.

Have you read the book by Barbara Sher “Refuse to choose” where she shares her theory about Divers vs. Scanners? It’s very interesting, I strongly recommend you read it. Thank goodness the author cared to research and share their conclusions with the world…

I know. What I just did. Life is very contradictory.

According to Miss Sher, maybe you are “a diver”. I sincerely apologize if you find my words confronting. You certainly bring a lot of value to the world with your focused observation and ability to dig to the bottom of a given subject.

Observation and awareness is certainly key to our advancement if we want to keep building on a strong and healthy foundation.

I am “a scanner”, my contribution to the world is by activating many areas and then connecting all the dots, weaving a larger net than it is possibly imaginable if we isolate the information and only observe the dots from within.

I am certainly aware that – some – research has undeniably impacted our evolution as humans. I’m probably able to write this right now because of the many researchers that have come before me, who have helped shape the world the way it is now. Thank you. Deeply.

In my opinion, the greatest revolutionaries of all times in the fields of Science, Philosophy, or the Arts, were not exactly researchers, gathering evidence and reporting about it, but explorers who put their – often looney – ideas to work.

I’m not rejecting the Era of Information, the same way I could not reject yesterday. It’s happened. It’s served its purpose. In a big way. It’s all good.

My Thesis is – Oh I too have one – that we have more than enough information. More than enough data has been gathered. It’s high time we start acting on it to change the world.

I’d rather go make something or go be me, than talk about what others make or are.

Now that I’ve probably infuriated quite a few researchers, I’m wondering how you relate to this idea…

Has the comfort of being in the observation post kept you from putting your own revolutionary ideas to work? Are you a potential Einstein hiding behind too much research? How can you take a first step towards more action and self-expression?

Or… If I’m completely wrong about what I just stated… it’s up for debate. Feel free to share your perspective in the comments. (But please leave your rage out of the discussion, infuriated comments will be deleted. Unless I find them funny. It totally depends on my mood in that moment, I can’t promise anything).



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