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Setting up a new space

Setting up a new space


January… I have a confession to make: I detest new year resolutions. They don’t work for me. However, there’s a ritual I love.


I like to give each new year a ‘quality’. A quality I can carry with me throughout the months. A purposeful reminder. Both an ‘imprint’, and something to look out for. Building momentum and anticipation, yet watching this quality evolve in front of my eyes in astonishing ways… A filter through which the year will sift chaff and grain.


This year is all about FOUNDATIONS for me.


I’m opening up a new 100m² (1075ft²) studio, and if that wasn’t big news in and of itself… there are also some huge projects coming up for my work in 2020. I’m not able to reveal it just yet, but it’s something that will ripple through time and space for years to come. At least in my little universe.


2019 was very expansive in many ways but at the same time, I experienced a shortage of time and space, with some logistical issues preventing me from producing any new works for the past six months… Although those who know me, know my brain has been really busy dreaming the next phase.


This new work space opens up a sea of possibilities that, in all honesty I saw coming, yet the actual manifestation of it all is still an enticing mystery.


Artist 1308

It’s very important that the tools an artist buys clearly state: artist. Just to be safe…

In this photo I’m holding one of the tools I bought in my favorite art supplies store during my last trip to Madrid, and it’s very representative of what FOUNDATION means to me this year.


It means WORK. At my own pace. It means making a stand for what’s important for me and focusing on that and that only. It means manifesting my creative ideas in a very tangible and material way. It means exploring the unconquered. It means going back to basics, to something that is raw, yet unprecedented, brand new. To something that was there all the time yet it needs to be discovered and developed.


What will be created out of it all? That’s a secret no one could know…


What’s your ‘quality’ for 2020?



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