Hello friends,

I haven’t reached out to you in a while.

It’s been an intense period. In many ways.

The world at large is hurting. Political tensions, injustice, wars, scandals, refugees, natural disasters, financial crisis, terrorist attacks, white supremacy, social imbalances… and what not.

Thankfully, I chose to develop my artistic career in a rather unconventional manner, and now my studio practice keeps me centered and focused on what’s true for me despite any external turbulences.

What do I mean by unconventional?

Three years ago my life was at a turning point. I was considering moving to New York, to be “where an artist ought to be”.

I don’t know where these words, that resonated so loudly in my head, came from — actually I kind of do, but I’ll write about that in another article. Either way, those words felt very compelling. New York too.

In the span of a year and a half, I travelled to NYC every five months, to test the waters in terms of career opportunities, and also to sense what would it feel like to live there. I love what I saw and experienced in such an electrifying, magical, and life-altering city; as many of you know, all of that is still permeating my work, but I’m very grateful I decided to leave that idea behind, and even take my decision one step further.

I left the big city (Madrid), and moved to the country in the North of Spain, to be surrounded by wild nature in a quiet environment, where I’m able to create more space for my creativity by embracing a slower pace and more inner peace.

I think it’s very important for artists to know where we thrive creatively.

But as I said, that’s another story for another day.

I came here to talk about you. And in order to do that, I have to rewind a few months back.

Inevitably, conflicts in the outer world have reflected in my studio practice. Not that it’s a bad thing. Quite the opposite. I thrive on this kind of energy.

“Conflict is a necessary part of life.
Tension upon the strings of a violin can make majestic music.
The critical mass of two hydrogen atoms trying to occupy the same space fuel the sun that nourishes our solar system.”

— I-Ching Book of Changes

In between getting 10 commissions ready for 3 private collectors in a 4-month span, sketching on the go while traveling and discovering new places, exploring new lines of work, and doing lots of writing…

I’ve also been doing lots of thinking.

Lots. Of. Thinking.

What about?

Mainly, you.


These past few months, I’ve been sharing a lot of my creative process and personal evolution through my pictures and writing on social media; but I’ve been reflecting on how I could connect more deeply with my inner circle: those of you who have joined my Private Collector list but do not necessarily hang out on social media, or those of you who do interact with me on several platforms but are craving for a closer conversation, and more in-depth information than what I share with my general audience.

In the process of reinventing the way I communicate, the writing has become a lot bigger than just a way to share my work. It has become the work itself, an inseparable part of the creative process.

The expression of my inner views is growing and evolving at such a rapid pace that I’m finding hard to discern if it’s informing my work, or the opposite, if my work is informing my personal evolution and writing practice.

As I’m gaining perspective on this whole subject, and how both means of expression are so intertwined within the creative process, I don’t quite know yet what is the actual underlying purpose of my creative journal, besides finding a voice through and beyond my art. But I’m getting somewhere, I know that for sure, and I have a feeling that this process will impact my artistic development in ways I’m still unable to foresee.

As the writing and contextualization of my work is taking prominence, I’m considering how I can best serve you beyond the regular emails informing you of upcoming exhibitions, newly available work, or special deals for my private collectors.

I’m giving a lot of thought to what is the best way to honor our connection and this communication method (I mean letters), which feels closer and more true than any other medium.

So please bear with me while I figure out how I can share with you the deeper aspects of this work, and how that can serve you in your own evolution as a human.

Meanwhile, I’ve decided to share more detailed information with you first, before sharing it with anyone else, and I’m actually considering keeping some of it from my general audience completely.

This decision is not coming from the will to keep things away from my readers, but from the need to keep things intimate between my private collectors and I (oh and by private collector I don’t just mean those of you who have acquired one of my pieces, but also those of you who are interested in cultivating a close connection with me and my work). It feels disloyal to my collectors and somewhat alienating for myself, if I simply share it all in the vast, cold oceans of the Internet, where messages can get lost and words can be distorted.

I’ve shared this idea with some friends and they have strongly discouraged me: “Why keep information from your potential audience? It can damage your career.” I know it’s totally counterintuitive considering people are sharing more and more of their lives publicly, and it seems to work. Social media is exploding with selfies, daily vlogs, and live broadcasts.

Well, as I said before, I have a thing for unconventional approaches, especially if they go against the norm and how things are supposed to work.

… I’m a rebel at heart. A rebel with a cause.

See, there’s a magic about emails that no other medium can summon.

A ritual, in which some people actually hit the reply button and answer back. It sets the interaction apart from the usual: sweet!, nice!, well said!, and a long list of imaginative emoticons and other automated messages where no one is actually interacting on the other side. Engaging in an real conversation certainly makes a difference. Those meaningful exchanges of opinions, where I get to know the person I’m interacting with beyond a profile picture and a carefully curated feed, are precious. And I want more of that.

I hope you do too.

As per usual, I’ll keep posting regularly on social media. I’m not bashing social platforms. In fact, I love them. They’re still a great way to share the day-to-day work in the studio, and I haven’t found any better medium to do that which doesn’t involve hijacking your inbox daily with an overflow of visual information. And I promise to never, ever do that.

The difference I’m establishing with the way I’ve been sharing on social media so far, is that I’ll stick to short, daily, casual updates on my studio practice, and the occasional sharing of interesting articles and quotes about art.

So if you want to stay on top things, I invite you to join me out there too.

Nowadays you can find me interacting frequently on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Medium.

What am I, an octopus? Thank goodness there’s a thing called meditation.

As for these letters, I’ll try and keep up with the studio workload in order to find a way to sneak into your inbox more consistently and — hopefully — send you carefully curated weekly updates that I wish will brighten up your weekend breakfasts.

So that’s my update so far. Intentions have been set, declarations have been stated.

I’d love for you to contribute to this conversation, and hopefully get to know you better in the process, so drop me an email any time or comment below.

– If you haven’t joined my Private Collector list, you can do so here

Wild love,




  1. Babs

    Lovely to feel closer to you, Paula, even though I feel pretty closely connected anyway… and anyway, I can just conjure you up in my imagination for a walk in a virtual park, or a meander around some second hand shops.
    I love seeing your art and the way you use lines and shapes, and the way the energies between them alter depending on distance and angle. Every line has a life of its own, and, like people, wants to have a meaningful relationship with its surroundings. Oh well, I’m straying from the point, which is really to let you know that you are a dearly loved friend and a talented, courageous and passionate designer of your life. Lots of love XXX

    • Paula del Rivero

      Thank you for your warm words and thoughts my dear Barbara. I love how you describe my work. I too feel you deeply. You are indeed a dearly loved friend too, and an amazing inspiration to us all. Big big hugs from this side of the world.


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