Skyscrapers is a work-in-progress series around the geometries that were imprinted in my psyche when I was first visiting New York in 2014.

Standing in narrow streets, looking up, amazed, and admiring those huge buildings reaching the sky and almost touching each other in the infiniteness of perspective, I was deeply moved by what seemed to be a geometric dance.

It’s been five years in the making since I first started sketching these and begun working on felt, carrying out many studies around color, texture, and relief.

I finally decided to keep the original texture and hue of the untreated wool in these pieces, exposing the contradiction between the warmth of such an organic material and the harshness of a hard geometry inspired by a city made of steel.

The result is a carefully crafted composition in which each piece is made from a single sheet of felt, whose making presents many technical challenges.
raw wool felt on wood panel
102x102cm (40x40in)



When I started using felt, I chose it because I no longer had access to a large scale printmaking press, but I wanted to keep reproducing the texture and feeling of printmaking techniques like ink-free debossing and embossing.

Just like printmaking paper, felt is made of organic materials, and their crafting method has many similarities. But in this case, wool adds an extra layer of warmth and a deeper organic quality than paper, making the piece more alive and textured.

What I like most about this material, is that the untreated felt piece shows every imperfection and its unique characteristics, like darker textile fibers or even subtle fluorescent pink spots that are a vestige of the ink sprays stockbreeders use to mark sheep. I find such rawness and spontaneity very interesting and refreshing in contrast with the thoroughly designed geometry.

The technique used in this series aims to achieve a debossing printmaking feel to support the movement, depth and perspective of the geometrical composition.

Using a single piece of felt was key in achieving such visual effect, in which the shapes look like they are emerging from the surface.


raw wool felt on wood panel
142x102cm (56x40in)


I’m glad to announce that my work “Skyscrapers IV” has been selected in the 47th edition of CNAL.

This prestigious national art contest is convened annually by the city of Luarca, and gathers visual artists from a wide range of disciplines.

The selected pieces will be exhibited in the showroom “Sala Álvaro Delgado” of said city, from November 11th to 25th 2016 and will then participate in a touring show from January to December 2017.

On the final day of the opening exhibition, the selected artists will be handed out their corresponding awards and diplomas in a closing gala.

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