After several “total disconnection weeks”, courtesy of a broken -literally- phone, and no internet connection, I’m back with some studio news.
August has been extremely creative both in terms of artistic explorations and human relations/networking/connections, the latest being a concept us artists historically suck at.

Luckily, I love people, and I have an equal passion for my work, so I’ve been rejoycing in some very interesting studio visits in this paradise of mine, both from lovely out-of-the-blue new collectors as well as a couple of returning clients who wanted an in-person, closer look at my newest lines of work. This has resulted in 6 sold artworks, 1 commissioned work due in October and some very fruitful Skype conversations around art from a collector’s perspective.


One of my collectors showed his interest in purchasing the sketch above, that was hanging from one of the studio walls.

I like to hang my sketches on the wall and keep them at sight even if I’m not working on them at the moment, because it gives me a wider perspective that will eventually lead to an actual artwork that I will be satisfied with.

This one was clearly a mess up I got out of the printmaking press while working on expanding into new linocut techniques. I used excessive ink on purpose, to see what would come out as a result, and those white marks are the excess ink that got off on the drying rack because the drying process took forever. Those scratches were one of the things my collector felt drawn to, and even though I insisted the sketch was just a proof gone awry, he insisted on taking it home!

Lessons learned: what for me looks like a clear mistake can look like a magic touch in somebody else’s eye, and that’s a perfect reminder to put our perfectionism aside and let our creations be loved. Oh and I will never, ever deny again the right of a sketch to come to life and rise as a proper artwork, nor will I underestimate the power of a hazardous mistake.

Numbered, signed, and sold! Moving on…

I have to say that the very first online studio visit I have hosted has been amazing, even though I stubbornly refused to offer that kind of experience before because of the whole touch-it-smell-it falsly preconceived requirement. Despite the distance – and the lack of touch – it was so much fun, and the special connection happened anyways, which is the only thing that matters in the end.

The in-person studio visits were also amazing. I never though that what seems like a “remote” studio location in the middle of the mountains was exactly what my collectors have been drown to. I have to admit that a glass art studio with beautiful views is very enticing for an art lover… But the online studio visit was equally exhilarating on both parts, and it’s all about that sweet spot where the artist and the collector meet, brought together by a shared passion.

Thanks Universe for The Internet. And thanks my beloved collectors for your devotion to art, for your total commitment to supporting emerging artists, and for your trust in my work. So very heart-warming!

Here are some close-ups of the other sold artworks. These guys are now travelling with – and to – their new owners. I wish them a very happy life.

paula_del_rivero_1monoprintaday_day1_detail3 paula_del_rivero_1monoprintaday_day4_detail2 paula_del_rivero_1monoprintaday_day6_detail4 paula_del_rivero_1monoprintaday_day7 paula-del-rivero-modern-abstract-art_paleo_detail1

Some of these were one-of-a-kind creations that I printed as part of my #1monoprintaday project. You can go to this page to learn more about the project or visit the Available Works page if you’re interested in purchasing one of the remaining ones in the series.

UPDATE: The whole #1monoprintaday series is sold out, but I still have some works left that I printed as part of the project. They were published on Instagram and Facebook but were never made available for purchase because they were very similar to the other monoprints in the series, so I had no interest in offering them at the time. Feel free to contact me through the form below if you are interested in having a look at them.

If you’re interested in having a look at the lines of work that I’m currently working on, these are not yet available in my website, so you can either book a complimentary Skype studio tour or even book an in-person visit to my studio. It’s a great way to visit one of the most gorgeous locations in Spain, right in the middle of the high mountains and only a few kilometers away from the ocean – a very rare and exquisite combination of this Earth’s treasures. Just drop me an email and I’ll get you all set.

Besides the studio visits, August also includes a sneaky -and very illegal- “visit” to an old abandoned factory where I’ve found treasures that will open up a totally unexpected new line of work and set up a whole unexplored territory for me in terms of materials and techniques. I’m very curious how this all will unfold. Of course I was just an innocent and pure soul who was bought into the idea of doing such a reprobable thing by my nasty artist friends. I promise to never ever do it again unless of course the results of playing with my new toys turn out so good that I’ll find myself in the irresistibly pressing need to go back to that sinful place again. #myfriendsmademedoit

Oh and I have met a couple of local artists who are creating awesome work. And that’s beyond inspiring and enriching. You will probably meet them too soon as I’m planing some collaborative projects with them.

Conclusion: more of all of this please.

#beyondgrateful #augustrules

I leave you with a view of my beloved mountains right before the sun sets. I’m writing to you from the train, as I’m off to the big c-tay for a celebration of love with my bff. I’ll carry this image in my heart and it will lead me back to the studio with renewed passion and strenght, as I’ve got an interesting month of September ahead, the kind of month that will come with a lot more news, interesting projects and juicy explorations.


See you very soon.

Much love,



  1. Maria

    Mil felicidades 💪💪💪

    • Paula del Rivero

      ¡¡¡Gracias María!!! Ha sido un mes muy especial. Septiembre se presenta con mucho trabajo para mantener la misma dinámica de cara al otoño. Gracias por tu apoyo. Te mando muchos abrazos a Bruselas y todo mi cariño para tus proyectos artísticos. <3


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