Today’s set of tools.

Tools are ultimately unnecessary. I could paint with my fingers. I often do.

I could use coffee instead of ink. Wine. Beets. Cherries. Mud, if I was only left with that.

Even the canvas is not necessary. There’s the beach’s sand that the ocean erases and the wall in the caves that darkness preserves.

The beauty of what we have in hand… Isn’t all that ultimately a tool?

Anything can be turned into a tool, into a means to express ourselves, and each tool has its challenges.


Whether you’re using every resource availbale to go for your biggest dream or simply doodling on a steamy mirror, choose your preferred tools, master them, and make them work for you. Otherwise ditch them and find yourself more suitable ones.

See, we’ve been taught to adapt, to become sort of ‘more rounded’. There are so many tools and processes we use that feel so uncomfortable because they’re not made for us. They might work for others.

I’m wondering if you’ve ever encountered a set of tools that have proven less than helpful when used as they were originally intended, but have proven very useful when repurposed.

For me, that’s the sponge. Lol

I know. I was up to a way more glamorous and philosophical end of my post. But a sponge is just as worthy a metaphor as can be.

So back to the sponge. It sat next to my bathtub for years, hoping that I would use it like normal people do in all those cheesy commercials. Until one day I decided to be an abnormal person and take it to the studio instead, to use it as a paintbrush… It’s a keeper!! (and I feel like a normal person again…sort of)




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