For a correct integration of the Feminine and Masculine energies, the world needs to be feminized.

This doesn’t mean that the Feminine needs to overpower the Masculine the way the latter has.

The feminization of the world implies embracing Nature and the attributes of Gaia and the Great Mother in a comprehensive way.

For millennia, we have lived in a world dominated by the attributes of the distorted Masculine, embodied by both men and women. Power struggles, war, aggression and a de-humanization and de-naturalization of our bodies, our psyches and our emotional spheres.

But even more so, the rythms of the Feminine and hence, an equally vital aspect of of Mother Nature have been subdued and suffocated.

Women’s bodies and their physiology are not designed in a linear way. Women’s hormonal cycles determine our day-to-day lives in more profound ways than have been acknowledged.

Our realities and hence the gifts we give to the world are not functional under the Masculine experience on which our daily lives are paced. Our bodies do not understand the 24h, 7 day week cycles that have been imposed by modern society and its restrictive work environment. Women’s physical realities and lives are shaped by our own cycles and rythms, following the moon and the tides, regardless of the Gregorian calendar.

In order to evolve as a society, we need to start honoring our bodies and shaping our ways to function in the world based on our own nature.

This includes not only only how our families are integrated in our work life, how much quality time we can spend with ourselves and our loved ones, but also how we do business, how we rule our countries, and how we educate future generations and ourselves in order to be more integrated with Nature, but also how the Feminine is given a voice to take a prominent part in all of that decision-making.


GYNĒ I, LED backlit artwork, 2015

Acrylic plastic
Deep dyed polyester film
LED lights
52x52x4.5 cm
20.5×20.5×1.75 inches

– AVAILABLE -⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀



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