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Today something way stronger than me took over my system.

This strong urge to create.

See, I’ve been avoiding this scream inside me for the past 8 months. I buried this craving under a heavy pile of responsibilities and nitty-gritty stuff.

The death of a loved one comes with a lot of administrative burden, and I chose to surrender to that while I gathered my forces to get my butt back in the studio.

It’s helped me ground and lay a solid foundation, but most importantly, it’s helped me get some peace of mind.

Until today.

Today I got my fury back.

See I’m not one of those artists who thrives creatively when distressed. I don’t resonate with the tormented kind. My art always comes to me when the channel is clear enough and I can get out of the way for the images and sensorial imformation to come through.

The studio is still a big mess. I never finished the massive spring cleaning I started almost 4 (!) months ago (see previous post). However, I must have certainly cleared up something, cuz today the creative spurt hit me hard enough, and for the first time in a while I set up the tools in the only clean part of the table I could find and started painting in an almost sleep-walking state.

It felt like coming back to me, finally.

Although I couldn’t have started any sooner, and these previous months were preparing me for this exact moment.

I’m happy I acted upon this calling. It could have been way too easy to ignore this internal force out of fear and comfort.

So I guess the morale here (there’s always one) is to trust the process, even when – especially when – it seemingly takes you away from your original plans.

And once you’re back on track, give your all to it.

Now I’m curious to know how you’re letting your inspiration guide you moment by moment with as least intervention as possible. How are you making sure you’re not blocking the communication pathways with your inner knowing?

For me it’s about becoming more and more gentle and compassionate with my decisions.

Less judging, less revisiting, and more taking action straight away.



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