What are your tools for growth?

I think I’ve never properly introduced you to my printmaking press before, have I?

How inconsiderate of me.

This second-hand press has a lot of history. She has no brand, no signature. She was probably tailored for her original owner by some skilled silent old man in a dusty factory by the sea, many years ago.

She’s very old (and a bit cranky). Who knows how many fine art prints she’s produced in her lifetime, and how many printmakers she’s helped become better artists.

She’s certainly taking my printmaking skills to the next level.

Tiny and modest compared to the one I had access to in Madrid, she’s allowed me to explore my creativity in many ways.

She’s been with me since the opening of my studio, a year and a half ago, and she’s the co-creator of the whole #1monoprintaday series, which sold out during the year.

We’ve been growing a very close relationship since then, and I owe her so much.

This summer we’ve worked hard together.

She’s helping me create ten commissioned works for three of my private collectors, despite some bumpy technical problems we’ve encountered along the way.

At this point we’ve got four more to go, so I’m afraid she’s not looking as put together as in this pic. Nor do I! lol

Would my creative process be easier and smoother with a bigger, newer, and more advanced press? Certainly. I’m actually considering it, but that’s another story for another day.

Would it be more interesting? Don’t think so.

I also have to thank my friend and fellow artist Ernesto Junco for his life-saving technical assistance this past few days. Thanks buddy, you’ve taught me so much about this beautiful craft.

I’ll keep posting our advancements as the work load gets lighter.

In the meantime, I wonder if you have a go-to tool – or skill – that has made you better in your work. Something that inevitably stretches your limits every time.

If so, what is it?


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