“Art is this”, “art is that”. Blah blah blah. Insert mumbo jumbo nonsense. Booooring!!!!

What is art? Or should I ask what the f* is art? This might be one of the most controversial questions of all times. It’s so controversial that people are even scared to ask. I’m glad you asked though, cuz I’m not scared to answer.

Art is not the sh*t people usually tell you. People like to say things.

Art is you. Period.

Art comes from the heart (or the gut, or the liver, or the sexual organs, for that matter. The list goes on). It translates the artist’s feelings when creating it. Love, anger, sadness, joy, amazement, anguish. You name it.

Art is by no means meant to be explained or understood. Just like you can’t be explained or understood.

That doesn’t mean a piece of art does not have a structure or that it hasn’t been planned or thought, but all in all, the artist wanted to translate, represent and share a vision, a moment, a feeling, a dream, whatever. It doesn’t matter, because it all ends with you and how it makes you feel in return.

Many people like to say that art should make you think, that it should shake the status quo, sparkle revolutions, contradict, question.

It certainly does, but all that starts with a feeling.

Many times art is simply created out of pleasure. The blank surface is “calling for” a particular set of colors, shapes, forms, lines, structures and textures, to exist from the very nothingness, and the artist relishes in that dialog, as if making love with the artwork, lost in the vastness of the sensual dance, flowing with it.

But in this world we’re living in right now, we are taught and asked to intellectualize everything rather than feel it.

But you and I know we should be “making love” with stuff more often, right? Know what I mean? Yes you do. You’re art.

Art, above all things, is meant to be absorbed by our sensory organs while we let our brains be lit and our hearts be touched. No thinking involved.

That is art’s ultimate reason to exist: to make you feel, sense, and experience.

When there is feeling, there is no thought. Feeling and thinking can’t coexist. Try this for a second. Feel your heart. Now think your heart. It’s counter-intuitive. It’s like avoiding dancing because you’re trying to understand the tune… But you’d better spin, shake, jump, twist, rock and roll before the song is over or you’ll loose the whole point! Isn’t it ironic?

When you feel, sense, and experience, that’s when you are most alive.

Art is pleasure. Art is lust. It’s allowing, it’s giving in, it’s surrendering. It’s diving in it with your eyes, your fingers, your tongues, your nostrils. Have you ever tried to taste the shapes, smell the inks, listen to the textures, touch the colors of an artwork? Noooo? Really? How can you sleep at night? Go do it! Now. You don’t wanna miss that.  The pure essence of art is delight. Go get an artgasm!!

So next time you’re looking at an artwork and you can’t explain it, stop thinking you must be stupid, because you’re not. The only question you should be asking yourself is “What do I feel?”, and by the time you’ve come up with a word to describe that feeling, you’ve probably lost it ;)

Feel, my loves, allow yourselves to feel. It’s the most precious gift you have as a human. Let art permeate through that and invoke your essence.

Now take your lovely butts to a museum. Walk into a gallery. Attend an art fair. Better yet, buy an artwork and look at it, often.

Watch your feelings unfold.

Now let me know in the comments below how you liked this article.

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